Our Bow Windows

Our Bow windows, which are manufactured by Northern Comfort, can be built using of any combination of our Nordik brand window styles. Our bow window structural comes complete with our patented angle mullions and foam-insulated posts to give you optimal energy efficiency. This, combined with our advanced, superior structural construction is what makes our windows Energy Star® High Efficiency rated. Remember, our windows are never screwed together. We engineer one, solid structural frame to give you better protection and more light for your windows.

Our bow windows can be cladded with aluminum (Hybrid PVC / Aluminum) to add colour to your window project.

Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Colour Options

  • ivory
  • khaki
  • commercial brown
  • black
  • white
A Nordik brand Bow Window opened up to showcase it's features.
  • Engineered on one, solid PVC frame which results in better protection against air and water leakage.

  • 4 ½″ PVC Welded Frame which is stronger and more durable than the 3 ¼″ available from other window manufacturers.

  • Multi-Chamber Construction for better thermal protection and greater overall strength.

  • Double-Glazed Low-E and Argon-filled Glass for higher energy efficiency.

  • Triple Weather Seals that wrap seamlessly around the entire window offering the highest degree of protection from air and water infiltration.

  • Tremco® EnerEDGE® Warm-Edge Spacer is highly durable and possesses a lower thermal conductivity value.

  • Our Integrated Brickmould part of the structure, which means less chance for air or water leakage.

  • We use only the highest grade PVC when constucting our windows. As a result, you get a stunning white, high gloss finish on your window that won't fade to yellow over time.

EnerEdge: Warm-Edge Spacer
Energy Star® Rated High Efficiency


There are no Energy Star® ratings for the bow window itself, because our bow window systems are created using multiple styles of our Nordik brand windows. As an example, bow windows are usually comprised of multiple casement windows and/or double hung tilt windows. So you can refer to our ratings for our casement windows or ratings for our double hung tilt windows to understand the efficiency you'd be getting for your bow window system.

Bow Windows

Bow replacement windows protrude in a semi-circle from the exterior wall usually in a series of 4 or more window units joined together. Options in Bow windows include 10 degree or 15 degree designs with different projections to suit your home and improve your view. Available in a walk-out bow or regular bow with head and seat.

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