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With over 32 years of experience in the renovation field, we know the value of personal care when it comes to helping our clients. Request a quote and have one of our sales representatives provide you with a FREE, no-obligation, in-home consultation.

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We take great pride in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We're proud to offer in-home consultations that are 100% free. No obligations. No Pressure.

With industry-leading products, an incomparable warranty, and window and door specialists that will answer any questions or concerns you may have, Northern Comfort Windows & Doors is here to make your renovation vision a reality.

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Why Choose Northern Comfort Windows & Doors?

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Manufacturer Direct

We cut out the middleman, so you can save more money, plus get manufacturer service on your windows and doors.

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No Fake Sales

We don't inflate prices to then sell you at steep discounts. We offer every single customer the best price on the market.

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Volume Discounts

Bundle up and save! Larger orders bring considerable savings in manufacturing and installation, and we pass them to you.

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Best Price Guarantee

We'll match or beat the price on any microcellular PVC window.

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What to expect with your in-home consultation

  1. We'll coordinate with your and schedule one of our window and door consultants to visit your home Monday through to Saturday. You can plan on us being there between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the scope of your project.
  2. We start by finding out exactly what you need and will offer suggestions and options based on your budget and your requirements.
  3. We will take detailed measurements of your project and double check with you to make sure that we have all the right information to provide you with an accurate quote.
  4. We'll walk you through the different color, texture, material and style options available for your project.
  5. We'll explain how the ordering and installation process works and provide you with a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect on installation day.
  6. We’ll provide you with a price estimate for your project on the spot. We will be happy to discuss payment plan options. No pressure and no sales gimmicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer quotes over the phone?

We do not offer quotes over the phone. We can only provide you with a quote after our consultant has listened to your requirements, taken exact measurements that take into consideration structural and other installation issues, and has discussed options with you. All of these work together to give you the most accurate quote possible.

Do I need to make a purchasing decision on the spot?

Absolutely not. Should you decide to purchase your windows or doors during this visit, we will be happy to accommodate that, but it is not required. Window and door replacement projects can often be a big investment, so feel free to take the time you need to think things over and contact us when you are ready.

How long will the whole quoting process take?

We aim for no more than 45 to 60 minutes. This can vary if you have a larger or more complex project. We reccomend planning for enough time so that we can work with you to assess your needs, make the best possible recommendations and provide a quote that is as accurate as possible.

Are different payment options available?

You can pay your deposit by credit card, cash or cheque, however final payment can only be made with cash or cheque. We do offer very competitive payment plan options to fit your budgetary needs. Ask your sales consultant and they will happily go over it with you.

Do you have more questions? Check out our full list of frequently asked questions.

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