The Evolution of the Window

ca. 100AD (Roman Empire)
A wooden window circa 100AD

Window 1.0


  • Solid frame
  • Natural materials
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Expensive
1926 (USA)
An aluminum window which gained prominence in 1926

Window 2.0


  • Lightweight frame
  • Very strong
  • Mostly commercial application
  • Not energy efficient
  • Expensive
1952 (Germany)
A standard PVC window when they went in circulation

Window 3.0


  • High energy efficiency
  • Very affordable
  • No maintenance
  • Frame not as strong
  • Larger frame required - less glass
2017 (Canada)
The new RevoCell™ PVC windows manufactured in Ottawa

Window 4.0


  • High energy efficiency
  • Very affordable
  • No maintenance
  • Very strong
  • Smaller frame required - more glass

Future-Proof Your Investment in Replacement Windows

In five years time, the vast majority of replacement windows will be mPVC windows and in ten years most new home construction will use mPVC windows.

Make sure that you protect your investment in your home by purchasing the newest window technology. Here’s why our RevoCell mPVC windows will lead the way for years to come in the replacement window and new home window markets:

RevoCell Windows are Stronger

Stronger means more durable. RevoCell windows are designed with a revolutionary technology called Microcellular PVC (mPVC).

This material is much stronger than traditional PVC because it is made with a solid core compared to the hollow chamber construction used in tradition PVC windows. Our windows last longer and will be more durable over time.

Traditional PVC window head on
Traditional, thin-walled, hollow chamber PVC construction.
RevoCell<sup>™</sup> microcellular PVC window head on
RevoCell solid core microcellular PVC construction with wooden extension.

RevoCell Windows are Brighter

Our windows are up to 20% brighter. A stronger frame can support more glass in your window. One of the main complaints of PVC windows is that they require more Plastic - more PVC frame to support the glass in the window. mPVC windows are stronger and that means more natural light in your home.

Traditional PVC window head on
Typical PVC Casement Window.
RevoCell<sup>™</sup> microcellular PVC window head on
RevoCell Casement Window.

RevoCell Windows are Energy Efficient

Our double pane RevoCell Casement windows are the most energy efficient in Canada… but don’t take our word for it.

Our new RevoCell window was awarded Energy Star’s ‘Most Efficient’ Rating for 2017 by an independent testing lab. RevoCell’s advanced technology provides superior energy efficiency. Get all the advantages of triple pane glass without the drawbacks.

Our RevoCell window has the top energy rating out of 145,100 double glaze casement windows in Canada.

RevoCell<sup>™</sup> microcellular PVC windows are Energy Star Most Efficient 2017

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