Door and Window Maintenance Tips

Once you've purchased your new windows and doors you're probably starting to wonder how to properly take care of maintaining your investment. We've put together a few tips to ensure your windows get the best care they deserve.

How to Properly Clean Your New Windows and Doors

We know you're busy cleaning the rest of your house to worry about the windows too often, so cleaning them once to twice a year is plenty!

For the glass, any glass cleaner will do. However, avoid using ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners as they tend to leave streaks. While glass cleaner is perfect for the panes of your window it is not recommended for their frames. We suggest using a similar soap designed for your vehicle. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as Comet as they have small abrasive particles that will scuff the surface of your windows.

For anything on the exterior of the house, including screens, heavy rainfall usually does the trick. However, if you live in a particularly smoggy or dusty environment mild soap or diluted detergent with clean warm water works great.

Interior screens can be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment or cleaned with soap and water. For hardware components simply use a diluted household cleaner and wipe them down.

What to Do About Condensation

Most condensation comes from humidity levels inside your home. Your old windows most likely had areas for this moisture to leak outside, so really what you're seeing is proof that your new windows/doors are doing their job to make your house more energy efficient.

There are two different types of condensation which both have different causes. Exterior condensation typically occurs when a cool night follows a warmer day – usually in the spring or fall. Exterior condensation is no cause for concern, in fact it's an indication that the window is performing as it should.

Interior condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. Warmer air holds more moisture and when it comes into contact with a colder surface (the glass in your windows) it is cooled and moisture is released in the form of condensation.

Here are a few simple tips to help you deal with condensation inside your home:

  • Open your windows as much as possible to let the humidity escape outside
  • Use a dehumidifier to greatly reduce the humidity inside your home
  • Vent clothes dryers, gas burner, etc. outside
  • Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans

For more information on moisture problems and what you can do visit Natural Resources Canada.

Maintaining Your Investment

There are many things you can do to maintain your investment including cleaning your windows and doors annually or bi-annually as well as lubricating the operating components of your windows and doors. We recommend using a silicone spray on the all operating components including operating arms, handles, rubber seals, screws, hinges and lock cylinders. This will prevent from rusting, ice buildup or tearing of the rubber seals. On slider windows you should ensure all tracks be free of dirt and dust. At least once a year you should inspect the interior and exterior caulking and look for any cracks or missing sections.

Spraying the operating components provides a protective coating and allows for easier operation. Creating a good maintenance routine will ensure your products' longevity they deserve.

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