What Does the Colour of Your Front Door Say About You?

A teal coloured front door.

Your front porch is the first impression visitors have of you and your family. No wonder making even the simplest decisions, like paint colour or door fixtures, becomes difficult. If you are struggling with the design of your remodel or new construction, try taking a new perspective. Rather than focusing solely on how it looks, decide what it is you want your front porch to say.

What Colour Do You Like?

So—you have asked every friend, neighbour and relative which colour they prefer for your door and still can't decide. In fact, that made your decision even more confusing. One of the most popular struggles people have while remodeling is choosing the colour–no matter what it is they are painting.

The colours we like offer significant insight into our personalities. Psychologists have studied colour theory and how it affects our emotions. These theories are applied in several areas of design, including interior decorating. Advertisers use colour theory to subtly imply that their products will have certain effects on those who use them.

Some colours are bold and exciting, while others are calm and soothing. If you are struggling to pick a colour for your front door think about how you want your guests to feel when they come to your house. It's also a good idea to choose one that reflects aspects of your personality—although you may already have subconsciously narrowed your selection to ones that do.


People who are naturally drawn to shades of red are usually more extroverted. In some cultures a red door is seen as inviting, friendly and welcoming. The psychological associations people make with the colour red vary depending on the tone and intensity. Dark red symbolizes willpower, determination and courage. Warmer shades of red give an earthly, natural appeal. Lighter, bold shades signify excitement, power and strength.

The colour red has shown to increase blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. People connect red to human life and love. This is a great and commonly used accent colour in design. Some studies show rooms decorated heavily in the colour red increase the energy in the room. Some designers even advise against using bold red paint in rooms where you want to feel calm—like the bedroom.

Red is a great choice for a front door if you want to add a splash of colour and make your door stand out to guests—welcoming them to come in and have some fun.


Black symbolizes elegance, formality and mystery. People who are drawn to black doors might feel more private or introverted. Black projects sophistication and gives a more serious feel. It is a bold colour, not loud. It signifies a quiet determined strength.

This colour for a door offers a lot of versatility and is very functional. Some people opt for black to better accentuate the other colours of their house or décor surrounding the door. Designing with this colour may provide flexibility to your overall design. Black gives contrast against any other colour, making the opposing colour pop.

Black is a functional colour for a door because it hides dirt and damage better than lighter colours do. Like white, it is a classic and a very popular choice. If the aim of your design is luxury and elegance or convenient functionality—black is best for you.


White is the colour of light and purity. Advertisers and designers use white to imply cleanliness, safety and perfection. Those who are drawn to the colour white like the appeal of simplicity and peace. This classic colour is very commonly used for front doors. It is subtle which makes it pleasing to most people.

The functionality of having a white front door is another reason for its popularity. If the colour of your home is a bold colour, white will accent that colour without taking away or adding to it. White allows you to decorate with wreathes or holiday decorations more easily without colours clashing.

If you enjoy the freedom of being more versatile in your hardware or porch décor or wish to accentuate other elements of your porch over the door—white is a good choice for you.


The colour blue is associated with things we find calming and abundant, such as the sky and the ocean. Blues are a great colour to use in design—it is the most widely accepted and liked colour. It isn't loud so there is very little negative connotation with the colour blue.

Blue is associated with serenity and relaxation. Someone with a blue door might view their home as a place of refuge and guests might feel welcome and comforted to pay you a visit. Darker hues of blue signify structure and responsibility. A person who likes the color of navy blue might have quiet determination or a strong sense of loyalty.

Dark shades of blue are popular with front doors over lighter shades because they offer the same benefits that a black door would. Dark blue works well with several other colors, making it easy to decorate around.

If you view your home and family as a place of refuge or if you wish to mesh color with functionality—you can't go wrong with a blue door.

When it comes to picking the colour and style of your front door, consider your options and then go with your gut. Chances are, you already know what you like.

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