Door Installation in the Barrie and Newmarket Areas

Northern Comfort Windows & Doors has a team of installers who are professionals in their field. All our Window and Doors Installers work only for us, year round. We do not use subcontractors. They are factory trained and window wise certified to ensure the best quality door installation.

Remember, even the best door is only as good as your installer.

  • The complete old door and frame is removed back to the studs.
  • The new door is installed with shims keeping it plumb and square.
  • Voids are filled with foam insulation.
  • Brick mould is attached and caulked with supra caulking.
  • Our installer will install the lockset you purchased from us, at no extra cost.
  • Locksets provided by the homeowner will be installed by us also but only Weiser or Shlage Brands.

What to Expect on Installation Day

  • Our crews will usually arrive between 8:30-9:30am depending on what area you live in. All our trucks are marked so you know it's us. Our installers will introduce themselves and ask for you permission to back up on your driveway. At this time we recommend all other vehicles to be removed from the driveway for safety purpose.
  • Most installations are completed in one day. However, some larger projects may require 2-3 days. Occasionally the Install Manager will assign a second crew to minimize the duration of the total renovation.
  • Each of our nine crews have a crew leader who is responsible for your entire installation project. If you have any questions you may speak with him or you can call the office and ask for the installation manager. He will answer any of your concerns and resolve any issues you may have, usually in the same day.
  • Before starting, our crew will place clean moving blankets around the working area so your floor is protected in all areas of your home where the work is being done. They will also slip on disposable boot covers over their work boots.
  • Work always starts from the upper floor working downwards to the lower level.
  • Our installers move quickly removing your old windows but are always careful not to damage your walls or other surroundings.
  • On cold days, only one window is removed at a time, preparing the opening and installing the new window before removing the next window. This will keep your home from losing too much heat.
  • As each work area is finished, debris will be removed to ensure the area is left tidy.
  • Once the installation is in its final stages the crew leader will show you how to operate your new windows and doors properly. He will then ask you to fill out a completion slip and sign any finance papers and collect payment.

Thank You

We hope your installation with Northern Comfort Windows and Doors was a pleasant one. All your warranties will be mailed to you. We will also ask you to fill out a short customer survey. Your feedback is very important to us.

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