5 Ways Windows Can Lower your Air Conditioning Costs

Did you have a case of air-conditioner bill shock last fall? That’s what we call it when your electric bill comes in and you need to lay down with a cool cloth on your forehead to deal with the bad news.

The good news is there are some things you can do to keep your air conditioning costs down. As Aurora’s window and door specialists, we can give you some pointers on using your windows to keep your home cooler and your AC bills lower.

Check the seals on your doors and windows

Airtightness counts when it comes to cooling. Over time, moisture and rot can compromise the seals and let warm, humid air inside your house. Good quality door and window seals keep the cooled AC air inside, just as they keep the heat indoors in winter. Have your faulty window seals and weather stripping replaced, and place draft blockers along the bottoms of doors.

Replace your old windows with vinyl energy-efficient windows

If you have outdated, poor-quality windows, they’re letting your cooled air escape and hot, damp air in. That means you’ll end up paying more for air conditioning. It’s important to invest in your windows for long-term savings. All our windows are CSA-approved and Energy Star rated. Our sales representatives will help you choose windows with an insulation rating that will keep your AC costs down.

Pull the blinds and close the curtains

The cooler your house, the less work your air conditioner has to do. On the hottest days, draw the curtains to block the sun’s heat from warming your floors and walls; if you don’t, they’ll give off stored heat all night while you’re trying to sleep.

Put solar screens on windows

This is based on the same principle as the curtains. Good quality solar screens keep out the heat and can reduce your cooling costs significantly.

Install window air-conditioning units properly

You need to have the right kind of window for a window air-conditioning unit to work properly. Most ductless window units are too heavy for standard cheap vinyl replacement windows and sashes. We can help you choose and install a sturdy window that can accommodate your unit and its screw-on window brace.

More hot tips for keeping your home or cottage cool on a budget

  • When in the market for a cottage, consider buying one that doesn’t have central air conditioning. That way you can use ductless window units only in select rooms in order to keep costs down. Make sure you have windows installed that can handle the weight of your air conditioners.
  • To keep your home or cottage cool at night without using the air conditioner, try placing a box fan in the open window at night. It will draw in cool air and circulate it around your bedroom.

We’re Aurora’s windows experts, with showroom locations in Barrie and Newmarket. Drop by or contact us to hear about our seasonal special offers on the purchase and installation of windows.

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