Do I Need to Replace My Wood Cottage Windows?

Are you starting to get worried about the growing dark spots on your wood windows at the cottage?

You enjoy the rustic look of wood windows, but you’ve heard some scary stories about black mould and thieves forcing open rotten window frames during the off-season?

It may be time to replace your wood cottage windows this summer.

Now, browsing windows isn’t a homeowner’s favourite thing; we understand completely. But let’s talk about why it’s important to invest in your windows for the long-term viability of your home or cottage.

The problem with wood windows

Some wood-framed windows are clad with aluminum or vinyl exteriors. Generally, these are rot-resistant and don’t pose unreasonable problems for homeowners.

However, all-wood windows are prone to deterioration through rot, fading and cracking. Any of these factors can quickly make a window structurally unstable, and manufacturers typically offer rather limited warrantees as a reflection of this short lifespan—usually around 10-15 years.

During all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve found that wood window rot is a particular problem in Aurora’s cottage country. That’s because many homeowners are away for several months of the year, or even years at a time, and so can’t do enough regular maintenance. Another factor is that many cottagers try to keep expenses low when it comes to their second homes.

Here are some of the most common problems we see with wood cottage windows:

  • Moisture damage and rot because of inadequate waterproofing. The most effectively waterproofed wood windows are factory treated; brush-on waterproof coatings can still allow moisture in through the end grains of the pieces.
  • Wood damage that’s caused by water trapped between the glass and the frame.
  • Leaks at the joints of the window frame that cause dampness and, eventually, rot.
  • Wood rot from improperly installed wood windows that weren’t sealed correctly.

What should I replace my wood windows with?

First of all, you need to choose energy-efficient windows that are CSA-approved and have an Energy Star rating. The best vinyl replacement windows today have internal drainage systems and foam-insulated chambers. Eighty per cent of the windows we sell are triple glazed and come with long-term warrantees.

Here’s why we recommend the energy-efficient windows we sell and install:

  • They increase the comfort level of your home in winter
  • They keep cooled air indoors
  • They help control condensation
  • They help minimize air leakage

This is your chance to upgrade

Having your wood windows replaced is a made-in-heaven chance to upgrade the look and quality of your home or cottage. We customize and install all kinds of windows to help you create the most comfortable and up-to-date looks.

If you’re in Aurora or elsewhere in cottage country, come see us about wood window replacements at our showroom in Barrie or Newmarket, or request an in-home consultation to talk to one of our sales representatives. We guarantee expertly installed windows at reasonable prices.

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