Aurora Homeowners: The Ideal Season to Change Your Windows

If you’re ready to replace the windows in your Barrie or Newmarket home can you do it right away, even in the middle of a winter cold snap or a summer heat wave? Is there really an ideal time to replace your windows in Barrie and Newmarket, or can you simply do it whenever inspiration hits?

At Northern Comfort Windows and Doors we’ve seen it all, installations of all kinds in just about any weather. If your windows break, they don’t tend to care whether or not conditions outside are ideal for repairs or replacements.

Our contractors are available for emergency installations any time of year, but if your project is more a renovation than a repair, there are some things you should keep in mind, especially if you plan on doing the project yourself.

Better weather, easier installation

When the weather breaks in April or even late March there are several good reasons to choose this time for your installation:

  • It’s easier to perform the installation when the weather is comfortable, especially if you’re doing the job yourself;
  • Caulking could have trouble setting properly in extreme heat or cold, that’s enough to sometimes cause problems even for expert contractors;
  • If you install on a nice day without too much humidity, there’s less of a risk of moisture affecting the fit and seal of your new windows;
  • Because of the better seal, your new windows will be more energy efficient than your old ones, helping you save on air conditioning during the hot summer months to come and then again on heating in the winter; and
  • Your windows will be installed just in time for the warm months of spring and summer, giving you all season to enjoy your new beautiful windows.

One problem with planning your installation for spring and early summer is that you won’t be the only one thinking about changing your windows in Aurora, so you’ll have to act fast to schedule a contractor to install your new windows.

So don’t wait, get a head start and contact us as soon as you think about changing your windows. We have the expert advice to help you pick the right windows for your home, and you can schedule a contractor to install them for you at your earliest convenience.

The beginning of spring or even early summer is the best time to install your new windows in Aurora. That’s especially true if you are planning on installing the windows yourself. As far as the weather goes, as long as you watch out for extreme heat and humidity, installing any time between early spring and mid-fall should be comfortable and relatively simple.

At Northern Comfort Windows and Doors, we’re here to provide helpful advice and guide you through your installation. We also have all the window supplies you need to find the perfect fit for your home, and if you’d like professional contractors to take care of the project for you, we can help there too.

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