Why Cardinal Glass is Right for Your Window Replacement

When you are investing in repairs and renovations in your home, you want to install high-quality materials and finishes that will last for years and increase the comfort and value of your home. Cutting corners and sacrificing performance will only end up costing you more in the long-term, so choosing the best products available is important. Window replacements in your home are no exception. Installing energy saving windows can increase your home’s comfort, value, and provide savings on your energy bill.

Why Cardinal Glass Windows Are Great for Your Home

The latest windows from Cardinal Glass available in Barrie are associated with energy-ratings that can be confusing if you have never purchased windows before. Cardinal Glass provides Low-E 366 windows to homeowners, which may not mean much to you now, but can offer the following benefits:

  • The Most Energy Savings – Installing Cardinal Glass windows in Aurora means cutting costs on your energy bills year-round. From keeping the cool air in during the summer and retaining warmth during the frigid winter months, Low-E 366 windows will keep you comfortable and reduce your HVAC costs
  • Eliminate Sun Damage – As a homeowner, you know first-hand the damage that the sun’s rays can cause, to your skin and the surfaces inside your home. From mild discolouration of furniture to extreme fading of wood floors, your windows should protect your home’s contents from damage. Cardinal Glass blocks 95% of ultraviolet rays, making these windows an investment that protects your other purchases.
  • High Visibility and Light – These high-performance energy-efficient windows function without any tint or cloudy coatings. Despite the high level of solar control they provide, they won’t impact the visibility and brightness of your home. Enjoy your views and natural light without worrying about UV damage.

Call Northern Comfort for Window Replacement in Barrie and Aurora

If you are looking to update the face of your home, increase its overall value, and provide your family with heightened comfort year-round, consider installing Low-E 366 windows. Cardinal Glass will provide you savings on your energy bills each month while offering superior UV protection, insulation, and style. Northern Comfort Windows & Doors LTD have trained professionals who can help you select and efficiently install the right windows for your home.

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