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Blog Entries by Northern Comfort Windows and Doors in Aurora

  • A photo of French doors opened leading into a hallway
    New Doors and Windows Installation: The Benefit, Style and Features of French Doors

    The French or double entry door contains glass for its full length. “French” doors were first used in France during the 17th century and originated as windows that reached to the floor and led onto small balconies. Today, the doors have evolved greatly since their conception and have more purposes than originally intended - adding French doors to your home or office can add a sense of openness, structure, and beauty. French doors are used as both entry doors and as interior doors that separate two spaces with the iconic divided-glass-panes design being the most popular because it allows for some privacy, while still offering a visual connection between two spaces.

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  • A child looking at birds outside the window
    Windows vs. Birds: Consider a Window Replacement with Northern Comfort

    Birds and windows have become a modern day calamity. Glass windows, by reflecting foliage or sky, look like inviting places to fly into and according to a 2014 study, about one billion birds die from window strikes in the U.S. each year. Environment Canada (EC) ranked window collisions as the second highest direct human cause of bird deaths, estimating that 16 million to 42 million birds die from window collision annually.

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  • front door replacement in Northern Ontario
    Northern Comfort Windows and Doors Servicing Ontario Discusses Front Door Replacements

    Is it time to replace your front door? If you’ve been asking yourself this question you’re not alone. Since 1998, Northern Comfort Windows and Doors have become experts at installing doors in Barrie, Newmarket and throughout York Region and Simcoe County based on this very question.

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  • patio doors in Aurora, Barrie and New Market
    5 Reasons to Adore Patio Doors

    Call us crazy but we love patio doors. Off a living room, kitchen, or master bedroom. Either sliding or hinged. Equipped with internal blinds, decorative grills or simply crystal clear. No matter what kind or where, these fixtures can transform a home from ho-hum to heavenly. Here are several ways our Barrie, Aurora, and Newmarket patio door services can improve your abode.

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  • updated garage doors
    Why Updating Your Garage Door Should be Your Next Home Renovation

    If you’re considering updating your home, and looking for a way to enhance your property value as well as the functionality and aesthetic of the house, then consider a new garage door. Gone are the days when they were simply practical entrance points for you to drive into. Today’s garage doors can provide as much for your home’s appeal as other doors and windows. Here are several reasons why the garage door should be the point of focus for your next home renovation.

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  • Trust the Professionals: Why Window Installation Matters

    Window replacements can be time-consuming, dangerous and uncover unexpected issues. While it may be tempting to save a bit of money and take out your toolbox, scaling the side of your home and ensuring each and every window you install is properly framed, insulated, and sealed is a tough task to take on. Some home improvement tasks can be completed by savvy homeowners, but large jobs like window and door installation are best left to the professionals. Rely on trained experts who have years of experience, the necessary special equipment, and knowledge to identify unique circumstances and special details.

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  • Why Cardinal Glass is Right for Your Window Replacement

    When you are investing in repairs and renovations in your home, you want to install high-quality materials and finishes that will last for years and increase the comfort and value of your home. Cutting corners and sacrificing performance will only end up costing you more in the long-term, so choosing the best products available is important. Window replacements in your home are no exception. Installing energy saving windows can increase your home’s comfort, value, and provide savings on your energy bill.

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  • Trust Northern Comfort When It’s Time to Renovate Your Windows and Doors

    If you’re thinking about changing your windows and doors in Barrie, Northern Comfort should be your first stop. With over 15 years of experience helping homeowners like you repair, replace or renovate old windows and doors, we’re happy to offer the right advice, the best products, and the most dependable contractors to get the job done right.

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  • Do I Need to Replace My Wood Cottage Windows

    Are you starting to get worried about the growing dark spots on your wood windows at the cottage?

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  • Invest in Your Windows for Long-Term Savings

    You know how the story goes, if you decide to take up jogging but buy yourself cheap running shoes, you shouldn’t be surprised when your feet start to hurt. Or, when you buy a pair of cheap jeans, maybe they look good at first, but before long the seam rips and your pants are ruined. Well, the same principle applies to your Aurora home’s windows and doors: if you try to save some money up front it could end up costing you in the long run.

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  • 5 Ways Windows Can Lower your Air Conditioning Costs

    Did you have a case of air-conditioner bill shock last fall? That’s what we call it when your electric bill comes in and you need to lay down with a cool cloth on your forehead to deal with the bad news.

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  • Aurora Homeowners: The Ideal Season to Change Your Windows

    If you’re ready to replace the windows in your Barrie or Newmarket home can you do it right away, even in the middle of a winter cold snap or a summer heat wave? Is there really an ideal time to replace your windows in Barrie and Newmarket, or can you simply do it whenever inspiration hits?

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