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5 Signs That It's Time You Replaced Your Garage Door in Newmarket, Ontario

Posted by Northern Comfort on February 23, 2015

Our homes house a lot of technological miracles. Can you imagine how you'd live without a flushing toilet or an automatic dishwasher? What about a garage door? Garage doors protect our cars, sporting equipment, tools and projects from weather and thieves, and our quality of life would certainly suffer without them.

Manufacturers make garage doors very tough. Without that toughness, they wouldn't stand up to gales, mounds of snow, determined thieves, or the occasional piece of flying debris. However, the wear and tear gets to your garage door eventually, and then you'll have to make a decision: should you repair your door or replace it?

Repairing the door doesn't cost as much money, at least at first. But if the same part breaks over and over or if all the pieces break one after another, you should replace your door. Garage doors with insulated doors that have double skin in and out are in high demand right now as this makes the garage door stronger, more sound proof and keeps your home warmer. The price difference is minimal and the doors have different R factors that range from R5 to R20 if you have a bedroom above the garage. If you are looking to purchase a new garage door in Newmarket, Aurora or Barrie call Northern Comfort Windows and Doors today!

Use these tips to know when to replace your garage door instead of repairing it.

Your Garage Door Makes a Lot of Noise

Normal garage doors squeak and rattle a little as they age, so don't let a little noise concern you. However, if your garage door makes an inordinate amount of noise, you should definitely consider replacing it. A garage door will only deafen you when it has a lot of other underlying problems, like loose or wearing parts.

The noise will undoubtedly annoy you and your neighbours, but you should worry about more than just annoyance. If your garage door has structural problems, it could lead to a lot of dangerous situations for you and your family members. The garage door could break and fall onto vehicles, equipment, or people. It could also get stuck and prevent you from going to work.

If your garage door starts making a lot of noise (as in it deafens you), call your garage door expert right away. He or she will pinpoint the problem and tell you whether you need to make a simple repair or replace the entire door.

You Have a Really Old Garage Door

How do you know if you have an old garage door? If you haven't replaced it in the last decade or so, it probably needs to go, especially if it makes noise and doesn't run very well. However, if it runs like a charm, you should have an expert come out and perform maintenance on it.

If the garage door expert tells you that you can use your old door safely, then you don't have to do anything. But if the expert tells you about underlying problems, you should replace your door. Newer doors have more secure codes and materials to prevent theft.

Your Garage Door Already Has a Track Record of Problems

Do you repair your garage door only to have it break over and over for different reasons? The parts in a garage door wear out at different speeds. If you repair or replace all of the parts separately, you will pay more than if you just paid for a whole garage door.

Your Garage Door Doesn't Fall or Close Correctly or Safely

An imbalanced garage door reveals broken springs. As your garage door falls to close, it falls on springs that cushion its fall. Springs rarely wear out evenly, and as they wear out, they don't do their job properly, leading to damage in the structure of the garage door. You'll notice this problem because the door will make louder sounds as it hits the ground, and one side of the garage door may begin to bend and warp out of shape.

Your Garage Door Has Bent or Broken Surfaces

If you want to keep your garage truly sealed against the elements, then your garage door needs to fit properly over the opening. A bent garage door pulls away from the edges of the opening, creating spaces for moisture, debris, pests and unwanted temperatures (hot or cold). A cracked or holey garage door has the same problem, only the intruders enter via the middle of the door instead of the outsides.

If you have this problem, you will need to replace your garage door to get the proper protection for items inside your garage. A properly sealed garage door will also lower your heating/cooling bills because it will keep unpleasant temperatures from seeping through the door that connects your garage to your home. If you notice any structural damage, call a garage door expert right away.

Don't think of replacing your garage door as an extra expense—a new garage door will beautify your home, increasing its curb appeal and resale value. A new door can also help you save on energy bills, which means it pays for itself. If these garage door problems sound familiar, look into improving your home with a new garage door today! Contact Northern Comfort Window and Doors servicing Newmarket, Ontario (and surrounding areas).

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